blackcore networking
blackcore networking provides services to personal clients. blackcore networking does not take requests for future customers and provides its services as an as-is basis and may not provide the services in the future with, or without notice. Clients of blackcore networking are required to view our acceptable use policy. Abuse can be sent to the address on the main webpage; unfortunately we do not supply a specific abuse address due to our size.

Services offered by blackcore networking include personal web hosting, In the future we may provide a tunnel solution to the public.

About the main page
The main webpage on this domain is a static webpage that is automatically generated through a perl script run via crontab.

About the e-mail system/Contact information
You are able to contact blackcore networking by e-mailing a dynamic address. To do this load the front page and follow the instructions.

Things you should know before e-mailing blackcore networking
www.blackcore.net is not presently for sale and does not offer advertisement services.
In the event that you are trying to contact blackcore networking to offer any services you will be added to the blacklist manually on the front page. Future connections may be blocked in this event.