If you are interested in contacting a member at blackcore networking you may follow the following instructions to send an electronic message. In the event you do not fill out the following information correctly your mail will not be received, and your may server will possibly be blocked.

First off you need the current date for the timezone of -0500 (CDT). You will have to take the current month, day, and year, padded, and form an e-mail address yourself with the following syntax:
That would be for the date of January 16th, 2006, you will need to adjust the current date to send me mail.

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E-Mail Address

What kind of mail to send

If you are going to send me mail, make sure it is something that I would want to read. If it doesn't have a catchy subject line, or something that looks legitiment I will most likely discard it as spam.
The e-mail address is provided for contact notification for services provided on blackcore networking, for personal questions/comments, and for legal notifications where blackcore networking is involved.