[W] = Windows
[L] = Linux


puttymonitor03/27/2007blackcore networkingChecks latency over shell for PuTTYputtymonitor.c
httpperl 1.0a04/04/2006blackcore networkingHTTP Server written from scratch in perl, tested on Linux - very generic.httpd_perl.txt
bwpd10/13/2005blackcore networkinglibpcap syntax compatible bandwidth monitor (console)bwpd.c[L]
tcpdump_any04/04/2006blackcore networking/tcpdump.orgModified version of libpcap and tcpdump to allow -i any to display interfaces in the dump. May break things - use at your own risk. (Static binary available)tcpdump_any.tar.gz[L]
httptime11/15/2004blackcore networkingHTTP timing toolhttptime.cpp[W] [L]
mIRC IPv611/27/2004blackcore networkingmIRC third party IPv6 supportClosed Source[W]
mIRC SYN Sender11/27/2004blackcore networkingDLL that allows you to send spoofed SYN packets (limit 3 per session)Closed Source[W]
checktyping11/27/2004blackcore networkingTakes input from user and clocks the speed in an estimated WPMClosed Source[W]
diskspace11/27/2004blackcore networkingMakes a tree of all directories on requested input and shows space per directory.Closed Source[W]
stopwatch04/10/2005blackcore networkingBasic stopwatchClosed Source[W]
buptimed(released 08/05/2006)blackcore networkingprovides uptime to a CGI scriptbuptime.tar.gz
getaddr08/12/2006blackcore networkingoutputs an ip address for an interface (linux)getaddr.c
getaddr(perl)08/12/2006blackcore networkingoutputs an ip address for an interface (linux)getaddr.txt
Misc. Apps (Use at your own risk)
list.cpp06/22/2006blackcore networkingMemory Dumperlist.cpp
myprogram.cpp06/22/2006blackcore networkingProcess Intercept/Hijackermyprogram.cpp
mytime.cpp06/22/2006blackcore networkingModified version of myprogram.cpp to hijack GetLocalTime()mytime.cpp[W]
genn.cpp01/2006 (released 07/16/2006)blackcore networkingIP generatorgenn.c[L] [W]
bindchg(released 07/18/2006)blackcore networkingForce bind() to certain addressbindchg.tgz
ipdiff(released 07/19/2006)blackcore networkingiptables per-rule bandwidth displayipdiff.txt