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This site contains Internet Protocol (IP) addresses that have attempted to make a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) request to's mail server, and has failed at least 3 times in doing so. Since the domain is not used primarily for mail transfer anymore, there is next to no legitimate traffic going into the mail server, a lot of the mail requests are causing a bad mailbox error, and that is where this list comes in handy.

If you are listed on this list and you believe you should not be listed because your mail was intended for the domain, contact through the following address, adjusted with the current date (example: (Jan 5th 2004). Entering an improper date that does not match the clock on this system will cause a mail failure (which if you do it enough times you'll get on the list! ;)

02/03/2006 - Fixed dynamic mail address (web...), it is now working and no longer rejecting senders for correct timestamps.
Also added firewall rule to prevent multiple connections to the mail server, e.g. anyone connecting more than once will be automatically dropped.

3/22/2006 - I am no longer providing statistics for the primary domain I will leave the lists up for now.

The IPADDRESS database is updated hourly, the RESOLVED database is updated once daily.

Current date: 02/22/2013

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